Activist and Independent Filmmaker
with a focus on rights for Palestinians

Writer and activist Jon Pullman first began shooting and producing films on local social justice issues in Scotland before widening the focus more internationally.

Having travelled extensively in the middle east and witnessed at first hand the human rights atrocities perpetrated against Palestinians, he has become a passionate campaigner for justice in that region and made several documentaries to raise awareness of this largely ignored human catastrophe. It is a moral struggle that still defines the terms of our world order and one to which we are all unwittingly bound

Children in Chains

Searing documentary which exposes the arrest, incarceration and cruel treatment, including torture, of Palestinian children at the hands of Israel's military justice and prison system.

The Forgotten

Short but powerful documentary providing an introduction to the Palestinian refugee issue, but is drawn mainly from the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon, where activist/filmmaker Jon Pullman toured and filmed in 2015.